Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wife Forced to Present , Akil : I Have Dayak Strike !

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court Akil Mochtar against the wishes of prosecutors who will present forced his wife, Queen Rita Akil , at the trial . He questioned the basis of the prosecutor who will bring his wife forcibly Queen Samagat CV - owners , companies suspected of bribery menampuang to Akil .

" There is a determination of the judge ? Angel As if the prosecutor , " Akil said after the hearing at the Corruption Court in Jakarta , Monday, April 28, 2014 . Force if prosecutors continue to bring his wife , Akil did not hesitate to fight it . " I Want opponent . Want me to tell Dayak stormed here , " he threatened .
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According to former Golkar politician , his wife never fulfill the call as a witness at the trial because of his invitation was not until . He said his wife was no longer living at Widya Chandra housing complex , South Jakarta .

According to Akil , his wife is now in Borneo . " My wife's parents again ill , he is required to , " he said .

Akil claimed his wife had given a letter to the prosecutor on the grounds of Queen Rita 's absence . " Prosecutors wrote that looking publicity , " he said .

Queen Rita had three times absent a witness in the trial ( see also : Akil and Wife So Witness in Trial sister ATUT ) . He was not present when called as a witness for Andayani Tour Susi , a lawyer who bribed Akil for handling disputes Lebak local elections last week . He was also present when asked to be a witness to Akil last week and yesterday afternoon to witness to absent sister Banten Governor Atut Chosiyah , aka Henry Ward Chaeri .


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