Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saudi intelligence chief to resign

RIYADH - King Abdullah 's nephew , Bandar bin Sultan , resigned from his post as intelligence chief of Saudi Arabia . One local media reported the resignation on his own .

Most recently , he reportedly returned to Riyadh after two months of medical treatment abroad . The last few months , before he offered to resign , there is a major change at the discretion of the Middle East by the United States ( U.S. ) .

Previously , he was dealing with the conflict in Syria . According to reports , he was conveyed to the European diplomats that Saudi Arabia will work closely with the CIA to train the rebel groups seeking to overthrow President Bashar al - Assad .
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BBC launch , on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , his efforts did not stop there , Bandar bin Sultan also had to travel to Moscow to press Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop its support for Syria . But unfortunately , it did not succeed .

" He does not deal with the case of Syria during the past five months , " said Mustafa Alani , a security expert who has a close relationship with the Government of Saudi Arabia .

Currently , the 65-year -old man has been replaced by his deputy position , Gen. Youssef al - Idrissi . According to the report as head of the General Intelligence Presidency , Prince Bandar allegedly also involved in supporting Egypt's interim government is currently led by the military regime . ( ade )


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