Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dino: Realistic Targets Democratic vice presidential Offer

Convention participants Democratic Presidential Candidate Dino Patti Djalal argues , see results quickly count the legislative elections in 2014 , the target is realistic Democrat vice presidential candidate to offer the other party to face the upcoming presidential election .

" I think personally , realistic targets and the best opportunity is offered to the other party running mate . Was realistic and pragmatic , " he said at the sidelines of the political safari in Semarang , as quoted by Antara .

Dino said that Democrats offer a figure easier than carrying the vice presidential candidate himself . Calculations, if the candidate brings their own , Democrats need to convince the other party to provide support .

" However , if the Democratic candidate still carries himself with creating a new shaft , yes , maybe, " he said .

As a Democrat convention attendees , Dino only attempt to compete with the best voice this idea of nation building . The actions and policies of the party, he said , was the full authority Yudhoyono , as leader of the party.

" Today truly Pak SBY play ' chess ' . I believe he 's very focused few days , " said former Ambassador to the United States .

Based on a quick count of various institutions , no political party can carry without a vice - presidential coalition . Terms threshold pengusungan -vice presidential candidate in the Presidential Election Law , which is 20 percent of the House seats , or 25 percent of valid votes nationwide .
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Until now , the Democratic convention has not determined the winner . The views at the Democratic Convention and also internally divided , still carrying the vice presidential candidate or degrade into .


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