Sunday, April 20, 2014

Transcripts show the South Ferry Communication panic Evacuation

Seoul - An investigation into the sinking of the ferry disaster South Korea (ROK ) continues. Communication transcripts showed panic and doubt ship crew to evacuate passengers at crucial moments .

The results of the investigation revealed , in the seconds Sewol ship began tipping over steep enough , a crew unnamed repeatedly asked the Jindo Vessel Traffic Services ( VTS ) whether the aid is going to arrive . VTS sort of control tower for ships .
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" We 're record . Now we will go down . Ship very skewed and we could barely bergeak , " said the crew of the ship in a transcript released by the South Korean authorities , as reported by AFP on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

In another message , the crew member revealed that the safety instructions can not be delivered to the passenger because the speaker system in the vessel damaged at the crucial moment . But despite the conditions , VTS still providing evacuation instructions .

" Please ask the passenger wearing a safety jacket and wear clothes with layers as much as possible , " the VTS instructions .

" Will the passengers rescued soon after the evacuation is done ? " asked the crew to the VTS .

" Keep them at least wear a safety buoy and let them float . Now ! " VTS command .


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