Thursday, April 10, 2014

Continue Convention, Democratic candidates stretcher Stay Alone

Although the preliminary results of a quick count shows Democrats only able to be in the top five , but the party is still going to continue the process of presidential candidates convention .

Vice Chairman Max Sopacua said , the convention has not been completely finished . Therefore , the convention will still continue .

"The winner of the presidential candidate of the Convention it has not been announced . Several times a presidential debate was postponed . Was that we will continue , " he said , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

He said , the PD has set a timeline for the presidential convention since last year . Therefore , there will be no change in the middle of the street about it .

He said also , although only occupies five versions of a quick count of votes , PD still will not nominate candidates for president and vice-presidential candidate .

" The Convention Convention right candidate , not a vice . There is no single person who volunteered to be vice president , " he said .
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He also added that historically most vice groom by leaders who have a higher bargaining power . For now , the convention will be continued until the cone on the winner's name .


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