Monday, April 28, 2014

Prosecutors Ask Judge Akil Mochtar Call Forced Wife

Chairman of the Corruption Court judges Samiadji Matheus asked the prosecutor general calling wife forced Akil Mochtar , Queen Rita .

" Given the chance one more time if we continue not present ( trial ) , if the need for forced kuasalah invoked , the Commission usually never trouble to call people , " said presiding judge in the trial Matheus Samiadji pengadilang Corruption in Jakarta over the defendant Tubagus Chaeri Wardhan , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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Queen Rita was supposed to be a witness in the case on trial Monday ( 21/4 ) and Thursday ( 24/4 ) last week , but he never appeared in court .
Akil 's wife is known to have the company of Queen Samagad CV 's in West Kalimantan engaged in oil palm plantations , mining and arowana fish farming .

The company accounts used to receive money from the company Henry PT Bali Pacific Pragama ( BPP ) and suspected as a reward for services Akil money in some cases disputed elections in MK .

" We 've been calling twice according to the residential address listed in the BAP ( Interrogation ) , but we are told that the concerned moved away and we tried also to call one place to stay in Pontianak , but until now there is no information , we try calling one more time , "said KPK prosecutors Dzakiyul Fikri .

Rita Queen addresses in Jakarta are in the Jewel Road III No. 8 South Jakarta . That is according to Fikri , the Commission has sent subpoenas to three times the Queen Rita .

" The Jewel turns his address in Pontianak , so we call again in Pontianak , but there has been no confirmation of him in there , " said Fikri .

Fikri Queen Rita claimed that information is important because it is the owner of the Queen Samagat CV , and prosecutors need his testimony about the amount of transfer transactions automatically .

Henry indictment stated that in October-November 2011, Henry ordered his employees to send money to Akil Mochtar by transfer to an account at Bank Mandiri Branch Pontianank on behalf of the Queen Samagat wife's CV Akil , Queen Rita gradually totaling Rp 7 , 5 billion with the aim of sending money is as if there is a business relationship between PT BPP with Queen Samagat CV .

A number of reasons mentioned in the transfer of the account is the cost of transportation and heavy equipment , payment of oil palm seeds , palm orders and purchase of heavy equipment .


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