Friday, April 18, 2014

Also Gerindra and PPP Coalition Will Not Divide Chair

Gerindra and Development Party has officially coalesced . Both sides claimed in the coalition agreement , there was no agreement to divide seats , good seats and vice presidential candidate ministerial chair .

" This support without any conditions , PPP does not require or obtain a position as vice minister position if Prabowo ( Gerindra Presidential Candidates Prabowo ) won the competition in the upcoming presidential election , " said the PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali at a press conference at the Office of the DPP Gerindra , Jakarta , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) afternoon .

He said the coalition is purely done for the sake of building a better Indonesia in the future .

" There is absolutely no transaction . Sincerity of our support is not transactional . Ikhlas as a contribution of PPP to build the future interests of the nation , " he added .

It was then agreed by Prabowo . Chairman of the Board of Trustees moved Gerindra admitted no party wants to form a coalition and support pencapresannya willingly .

" I want to convey a sense of moved me over keperecayaan submitted by Suryadharma Ali and PPP are expressed support without any condition , " says Prabowo .

According to him , what was decided by the PPP is something that is rare in the current transactional politics . He considered , what is done by the PPP should be imitated by the other political parties .

" I think the nature of this political tradition , the support given to the interests of the nation state . PPPs have demonstrated statesmanship attitude , commitment to the good of the nation above the interests of the state and kelomnpok and groups , " he said .

Previously , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , and Party Nasdem already decided to coalition also said not to make a deal for the - for the chair, vice chair or either Minister . According to both parties , the coalition built as a common vision and mission to build Indonesia .
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