Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Prevent Bullying, It Makes Application State Warning

Action bullying often occurs in the school environment . Even violent behavior ( physical and nonphysical ) done repeatedly it has penetrated into social networking and instant messaging applications .
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Thus the South Korean government is developing an application alert service to prevent the action of the bully in the act . They reported that a memorial service will launch in July 2014 .

Quoting Time page , the service will provide notification to parents when their child receives a text message containing inappropriate words sent from the bully.

South Korea's Ministry of Education said , recently the number of verbal harassment and cyberbullying on the rise. " Those involved in cases of violence and using inappropriate language in schools will be severely punished , " he said .

Results of research conducted by the Ministry of Education of South Korea, from 4.5 million teens surveyed , most forms of harassment is done by asking the words inappropriate .
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The latest news mentions , in this case the South Korea Communications Commission will develop and mendistribukan this service began in June 2014 . Funds to develop such services obtained from the local government .


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