Monday, April 21, 2014

Plenary Recap Sounds chaotic, All Members PPK "Walk Out"

Recapitulation open plenum voice revenue calculation Legislative Elections 2014 City of Kendari , Southeast Sulawesi election, called on the Commission ( KPU ) at Hotel Kubra , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) , colored noise .

Witnesses from the PDI -P protesting one voice revenue caleg Jawa , hasidic Pidansa because it does not fit the data in their possession. In summary the TPS 13 wards brownies , Kadia District , Kendari , caleg PDIP get 6 votes when matched with data Panwaslu . PDI- P Yet witnesses still feel strongly that calegnya won 27 votes .

As a result , the district election committee (PPK ) Kendari City , back in action and protest by doing stunts walk out of the plenum chamber KPU .

" We go out only if there are people who try to impose his will. That was very favorable to us as organizers , as witness the protests do not have a mandate and incomplete data . PPK friends are working day and night , cook dikasih want this , let's go out , "cried the Chief CO MANDONGA , Heri Iskandar , followed by dozens of members of the PPK in Kendari .

KPU member Kendari Wahid Daming withstand the CO members not to come out of the forum , but they still insist. KPU chief who led the Kendari Hayani Imbu plenum also ask all members of the CO to return to the meeting room , but not digubris . Finally, the recapitulation plenum voice revenue for South East Sulawesi Jawa diskorsing for 15 minutes.

" My friends do not we ask the CO out first , we solve this issue calmly . Father , mother and Panwaslu we Suspension witnesses before trial for 15 minutes so, "said Hayani .

In the hotel lobby , Kendari KPU KPU commissioner Wahid tried to soothe tens Daming PPK members . He promised to ask for police forces to sterilize the witnesses from the political party that does not have an official mandate . Members of the CO then back to the room and extended plenum .

In separate places , Panwaslu member Joko Purnomo said he had received complaints from caleg PDI- P to the Parliament South East Sulawesi Province . She also has to process the report, however, was not extended because caleg can not show the official data from the TPS .

" They claim their voices in TPS 13 wards brownies , Sub Kadia 27 votes based on observations of people who were appointed as a witness , but when we ask for a signed official data indicated KPPS task , can not be shown . So aduanya we can not continue to be a violation , cook the data entry form , there is no canonical data , "said Joko .
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FYI, recapitulation plenum legislative elections voice revenue by KPU Kota Kendari , controlled 150 police personnel . To enter the meeting room , each participant should Plenum bagging special id card issued by the KPU Kendari .


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