Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crowded Election Indonesian Foreign Media Talk

The elections are taking place today in Indonesia crowded meet the home page of international news websites. Some mainstream news agency world, also presents his views about the parliamentary elections Wednesday, April 9, 2014.
One is the Reuters news agency as saying that Indonesia has experienced the leadership of the four presidents since Suharto stepped down 16 years ago.
Reuters writes that Indonesian political party must secure at least 25 per cent support nationally, or 20 percent of the 560-seat parliament to promote a presidential candidate in the elections of July continued.

"There are only 12 parties fighting over seats, compared with the 38 parties in the 2009 elections," Reuters writes.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal writes that there are five Islamic party in this election. However, writes the WSJ, the possibility of Islamic parties will not obtain much support because his voice is divided with secular parties. (Asp)

"This will change, as the secular party that began seeking support by exploiting religious sentiments and Islamic parties whose popularity has dropped," writes the WSJ.
Other foreign media raised questions turmoil voters, especially voters, which is difficult to determine their choice. One of them wrote that CNN is one of four choices for voters with dozens of names would confuse voters.

"I do not even know the names of the candidates," said Mubarak, 32, one of the residents interviewed by CNN.

However, WJS also raised questions about the optimism of youth this election. One of them is named Vicky voters ardiansyah, 17, who hopes to improve the quality of politicians to choose the best.

"Of course I would choose because I want Indonesia to be a great country," said Ardiansyah in Sukoharjo, Central Java.

Presidential Candidates
Most foreign media have also raised about the poll results favor the governor of Jakarta, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle. Eg Bloomberg, citing a survey by Roy Morgan organization that shows PDIP won 37 percent of the vote.

"Golkar Gerindra got 17 percent and 14 percent," writes Bloomberg.

However, CNN quoted the opinion in the Jakarta Post questioned whether Indonesia can survive in the hands of an untested leader, namely Jokowi. If it Jokowi win, according to Douglas Ramage, researchers Bower Group Asia in Jakarta, he will become the first president who did not come from the military, bureaucrats or elites.

Al Jazeera took the angle about the shadow of Suharto in this election. Experts quoted by Qatari media said Suharto was vilified in the early days of reform, but now people are starting to miss Suharto.

Golkar presidential candidate, Bakrie, writes Al Jazeera successfully played this sentiment in every campaign. The man who was familiarly called ARB's answer people longing for tranquility, security and resilience in the New Order era.
ARB is one of the leading presidential candidates are predicted to go in the market competition upcoming presidential election. Another leading presidential candidate Prabowo from Gerindra.
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Paul Rowland of New Democracy Institute said Indonesia's democratic progress after the 1998 reform, but now the situation is reversed.

"We all know that the momentum has stalled in the last 10 years and there is a suggestion to restore the reform. Society of Indonesia called 'Reform 2.0'," said Rowland told Al Jazeera.


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