Monday, May 26, 2014

Prabowo: We Should Not Lie Led Leader Builders

Presidential candidate Prabowo remind supporters to alert and watchful face presidential elections on July 9.

Prabowo was accused some parties who will do everything they can, including the capital money to gain power.

"Gentlemen we must secure the support, there is great power, some wanted to have a large capital purchase of this country.

With that much money he thought he could buy the country.
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We are responsible, this country can not be bought, "said Prabowo declaration while receiving support from the Muslim Defenders Front Maluku in Polonia House, Jakarta, Monday (26/05/2014).

Prabowo claimed to have filled in the previous elections. According to him, not a bit of cheating that occurs in the fifth annual event once it's democracy.

"We have long become the nation of Indonesia. Been too much subterfuge in this country. We should not be led by a liar leader, who took the position of cheating," he said.


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