Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Police Hunt Four Rapists Padjadjaran University Student from Malaysia

The police conduct a search and pursuit of rapists student of Faculty of Medicine, University of Padjadjaran the 2nd half Malaysian , Jasveen Kaur ( 20 ) .

The police suspect the perpetrators were four people . One of the perpetrators was unknown characteristics . Police also are trying to make a sketch of the perpetrator 's face .

" From the testimony of the victims , only three people were raped . A again , driving a car , remain in place . Victim also testified there was one person who truly enough he saw and remembered , " said Erwin Kurniawan AKBP , Police Cimahi , when met reporters , Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) yesterday .
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" We 've been working closely with the Directorate of Criminal Jatanras West Java Police to face sketching to support the pursuit of the perpetrators , " he continued .

Police received information that the victim examined by narrative Cimahi Police ranks when the victim undergoing treatment at Hasan Sadikin Hospital ( RSHS ) .

At that time , the condition of the victim is still visible shock and needed time to compose himself .

" Therefore , the allegations continue our studies. For any rape allegations , we have filed visum et repertum to RSHS the result is still the same - the same we wait . We will continue to develop it seriously , " said Erwin .

According to Erwin , the handling of the case Cimahi Police conducted in collaboration with the Directorate of Criminal Subdit Violent Crime ( Jatanras ) West Java Police and Police Sumedang . Therefore , starting from the area where it happened Jatinangor , Sumedang , and revealed in the Lembang , West Bandung regency . Now the pursuit of the perpetrators are still being conducted its ranks .

" Daze "

Erwin said he received the news from reports from local residents , Tata Sumitra , to the Police Institute on Saturday ( 17/05/2014 ) at around 03:29 . At that time , residents reported finding a woman in a daze and confused and felt pain throughout the body , especially in the lower abdomen .

" Based on the report , the police began to receive information that a woman whose condition is confused , depressed with tattered clothes , believed to be victims of rape . During that time, the police recorded the victim's identity and feeling dizzy because it was given a drink , " said Erwin .

The incident according to the testimony of the victims , began when the victim would take the money at the ATM in the area near where indekosnya Jatinangor , Sumedang . At that time, there was a man who called his name , the victim was turned .

It turns out that calling someone she did not know . Victim calls answered him by saying , " I do not know you. "

However , all of a sudden , that invoke the name of the perpetrator that the victim pulled over his mouth while a victim is assisted by three of his friends , took him into the car .

" During the journey to Lembang , a victim allegedly raped by three actors in the car . A still drive a car again .

Then , the victim dumped in front of Eating Graphic , Cikole , Lembang ( Lembang - Tangkubanparahu Highway ) on Saturday morning , "said Erwin .

Erwin added that the victim planned to be immediately taken back to Malaysia by her parents to calm down .

Erwin said the victim's testimony was considered sufficient because the information provided to his staff was already done under oath .

Until yesterday , Lembang Criminal Police Unit have examined several witnesses , namely Tata Sumitra , who helped the victim ; Elly Chrisda , boarding the victim 's mother ; and Hendro Kasmanto , Padjadjaran University lecturer , who also as a witness .

Known , the perpetrators made ​​off with valuables belonging to the victim , which is a mobile unit , a unit Apple-branded tablet , as well as necklace and a gold bracelet .

Responding to events that befall a Malaysian student Padjadjaran University , Head of Public Relations Unit , Padjadjaran University and Sony A Nulhaqim said , the Padjadjaran already submitted the case to the police .

According to him , at the time of hearing of the event , teams of Padjadjaran direct LPKA check into locations and provide assistance to victims at a clinic location in Lembang .

" Furthermore , with the police , ( Padjadjaran team ) took the victim to be treated at Hasan Sadikin Hospital , " he said by telephone on Tuesday .


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