Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mutual Fund Performance Shares Kian ciamik

Performance of equity funds during 2014 moncer . Infovesta data shows , the average return on a stock or mutual fund returns year to date until the end of April 2014 reached 16.06 percent or higher than the performance of the stock price index (CSPI ), which amounted to 13.24 percent .

Performance of mutual fund shares also outperformed other mutual funds in the same period . Average performance of mutual funds mixture of 9.65 percent . Meanwhile , the average performance of fixed-income funds is only 3.72 percent .
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Analysts Infovesta Viliawati say , high return stock mutual funds affected by the performance of the underlying assets of the fund , ie stocks and bonds .

Some of the sentiments that support the performance of stocks and bonds as of April of this , among other macroeconomic data releases domestic and global , the U.S. central bank's policy , foreign capital inflows to Indonesia , as well as domestic political conditions in the underlying positive . " During the month, the average stock mutual funds so far this year is always superior to CSPI , " said Viliawati KONTAN , last weekend .

Equity funds tend to be more aggressive and go faster than the current JCI bullish market . "In addition , investment managers flexibility in allocating portfolios to stocks and stock sectors also sustain the performance of mutual funds , " said Viliawati .

The investment strategy

Ashmore Funds Progressive archipelago into one stock mutual fund products champ throughout this period . Products managed by PT Ashmore Asset Management was able to distribute 21.78 percent return to investors .

Director of Research and Distribution Ashmore Cahyadi Arief Wana said , these products target small cap stocks around Rp 30 trillion or less . However , this mutual fund investment strategy should be disciplined . " That is , when the shares underlying assets have gone up a lot and approach the target , then we will be taking profit , " said Arief .

Other products are also performing well , namely Dynamic Equity mutual funds Mandiri Investa . Mutual funds managed by PT Mandiri Investment Management ( MMI ) was 19.09 percent share of return to investors .

Chief Investment Officer ( CIO ) Priyo Santoso said MMI , MMI strategy or expanding the size of the effect of overweight on the stock . " We have a positive view of the outlook for the stock market , " Priyo said .


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