Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LPS Raise Interest Rate Guarantee

Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) decided to evaluate the interest rate guarantee in rupiah and foreign exchange to commercial banks and savings for rural banks ( BPR ) .

Deposit interest rate applicable as per 15 May to 14 September 2014 increased by 25 basis points , while the savings do not rise . Thus , the interest rate guarantees to commercial banks to 7.75 percent in dollars and the currency to 1.50 percent . As for deposits in dollars for BPR 10.25 percent .
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Chief Executive of LPS Kartika Wirdjoatmojo said , DIC rate is different from the benchmark rate of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) , aka the BI rate . Kartika said, the amount of LPS rate is slightly higher than the BI rate .

" LPS rate since March 2011 to March 2012 was higher than the BI rate . BI rate is an indicator of the monetary regulator , ie BI , to keep inflation and contraction and monetary expansion , " said Kartika in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

The LPS rate, further Kartika , is an indicator that shows the proportion of public funds deposited in banks that are members of LPS .

Kartika admitted that he felt the need to raise the rate of LPS because the conditions prevailing interest rates in the market today . " The increase in the current market interest rates quite sharply . Thus , we feel that we do not need to adjust off the market or lower than the market , " he said .

LPS watched as the upward trend is still going pretty sharp interest rate between banks . Based on the observation LPS , during the period January to April 2014 , the increase in bank interest rate has reached 24 basis points . LPS strive for guaranteed interest rate to cover 90 percent of the number of depositors in all banks .


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