Wednesday, March 5, 2014

After Mars, NASA Explores Life on Jupiter Moon

encarian location in space life support continue to be done by the U.S. space agency ( NASA ) . If the number of experts from various countries still focus on proving the existence of life on Mars , NASA has prepared a place habitable search in Jupiter satellite , Europa .
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As written Independent , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , the plan could be realized after NASA get funding of U.S. $ 17.5 billion , equivalent to Rp 203.4 trillion , of the U.S. federal government for the 2015 budget . Stated that the funds will be used for the preparation of this mission . Ambitious NASA sample observed on the ocean in Europa .

The scientists believed that the outside of the ice Europa , which contains a large ocean almost twice the water content in the Earth . Researchers also believe in the bottom of the ice Europa is possible living organisms .

water jets

This suspicion is reinforced by the Hubble Space Telescope observations at the end of last year , which showed the presence of large water jets , with a height of about 200 km, which emanates from the South Pole Europa .

The emission is expected to facilitate the Europa Clipper , NASA space shuttle missions to Europa . The plane can fly above the water jets and freely collect samples from the inside Europa .
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" Europa is a very challenging mission in a very high radiation environment . There is much to do to prepare for it , " said Beth Robinson , Finance Director of NASA , noting that the mission is scheduled to launch mid 2020.


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