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A Brief History And Types The Angora Cat Cute

Well on this occasion I will share a little about A Brief History And The Cute Angora cat type , so for those of you who are planning to adopt a cat that is no good you know in advance of its history and this one kind of cat that knows everything about cats this one .
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The Cute Cat Angora type
TYPE Angora Cat

This is the type of cat is a close friend of his Persian cat , and the cat started in the know about the 16th century and the Angora cats are equally come from Turkey or the original cat in the scatterplot are disseminated by a noble Italian origin , and he took them into italy royal palace , and not at the suspect and the suspect a lot of people are also fond of this one cat .

And this is the cat 's heyday at the height of the king french louis xv , which incidentally he was also very fond of cats pet this one and this period also continued into the 19th century , due to enter his or her start no newcomer persian cat .

Well the first of its truth so popular it is not the kind of Angora cat persian cat , but in today's more famous is not a persian cat Angora cat , but of course these two types of cats each has its own uniqueness in it.

Go to the story well , although fans Angora cats have started moving to persria cat , but at that time so many have wanted to breed the Angora cat and this cat in 1973 was officially recognized by the CFA America and the cat fans began to grow again and many more who want to preserve it until now .

The hallmark of the type contained in the Angora cat that is: on the ears and his face looks sharp with eyes slightly wide and his nose aquiline , and the visible part of his body parallel to his or equal to the buttocks, and the cat has fur is smooth and soft , with variant colors like white, brown , and purple .
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While the carpenter of the Angora cat which had carpenter obedient , cheerful and active , and it is also very clever cat adapt to its new environment , so we will not be so difficult if raising animals on this one , and this cat was also very fond of the water and happy water play .


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